Term 4 Inquiry - Bean growing 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😜

WALT how to grow a plant from a seed.

SUCCESS CRITERIA I will know about having my plant in the light and watering it each day so that it grows well. 

Easy Blog Photo

STUDENT VOICE " Look how tall my bean is. It is growing very well".

Rose in Queenstown

WALT have a great holiday! 

SUCCESS CRITERIA We will have lots of fun! 

Writing Term 3

WALT write a recount.
SUCCESS CRITERIA  My recount will be about something that I have already done. The events will be in the right order. 

STUDENT VOICE " I know that a recount is about something we have already done.

Music - Recorder Term4

WALT know the notes B A G C D. 

SUCCESS CRITERIA I can play a tune using the notes B A G C D.

STUDENT VOICE " I can play a song on my recorder. I like playing the recorder". 

Inquiry Potato Growing Term4

WALT know what plants needs to grow well.

SUCCESS CRITERIA We will plant the potato under the soil and give it water and light to help it grow. 

STUDENT VOICE " I now how to look after my potato so that it grows well.